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Author search helps you find documents written by a specific person, even if the author is cited differently. For example, an author may be cited as Smith, J in one document, but as Smith, John in another. For more information, see Scopus Author Identifier.

Author search results include any available author name variations that match your search criteria.

Note Scopus Author Identifier matches authors based on information in documents. Some documents do not have sufficient information for the Author Identifier to accurately match them, even when they are written by the same author. In this case, they appear as single entries in the author results list alongside the larger groups. To ensure that your selection is complete, check the results list and, if necessary, add any single, unmatched authors to your selection.
Tip Author searches search only document author fields and not author details. Use the Advanced search form to search Author details (click the Add to search: Author name link).

To search for authors

Note Boolean and proximity operators are not available in Author search.
  1. In Last Name, enter the author's last name.
  2. In Initials or First Name, enter the author's first name or initials.

    Last Name: carrera


    • Carrera, F S
    • Carrera, S
    • Carrera, S R
    • Carrera, Samuele
    • Carrera Díaz, S
    • Carrera Justiz, S C
    • Dueñas Carrera, S
    • Sánchez Carrera, S
  3. Select Show exact matches only to restrict your search to authors that exactly match the terms entered in the Last Name field and to authors that start with the terms entered in the Initials or First Name fields.
  4. If necessary, in Affiliation, enter affiliation search criteria for your author, such as organization name and location.
    Note If you use only the Affiliation field in your search, affiliations are returned instead of authors.
  5. Select one or more Subject Areas for your search.
    TipTo view a list of subjects covered in a Subject Area category, move your cursor over the subject name.
  6. Click the search button .
  7. On the Author search results page, select the author(s) you want to search for. See Working with Author search results for more information.
  8. Do one or more of the following.



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